We have the multi-specialist capabilities required to develop both active and passive management strategies and propose dedicated investment solutions to meet the specific expectations of our clients, including secure solutions for the most risk-averse.

Active management: complete coverage of all asset classes

Active bond management

We offer a comprehensive product range, from short-term liquidity solutions to investments in listed debt securities, both sovereign and corporate, or even emerging debt and non-listed securities.

As the leader in cash management in Europe with more than €151 billion in assets under management*, we seek to bring together secure investments, consistent performance, and guaranteed liquidity, while ensuring the full transparency of our investment processes.

At the long end of the yield curve, in an environment of lastingly low interest rates, we have designed simple products with clear and efficient strategies over the long term.

* Amundi Group figures as of August, 30th 2016

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Active equity management

Our investment vehicles enable our clients to seize market opportunities on a global scale, whether in the European, Asian and emerging markets, in commodities and products linked to specific consumer-driven themes, such as luxury & lifestyle funds, or in securities issued by international corporations or SMEs. 

With many investors concerned by stock market volatility, we have also developed "new generation" products which aim to optimise the risk/reward ratio by reducing portfolio volatility. These strategies combine active management and quantitative modelling.

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Balanced management

For retail clients, our expertise in asset allocation aims to generate value while avoiding high volatility, offering a more flexible strategy responding quickly to the most favourable market conditions by drawing on all Amundi's areas of expertise (interest rates, equities, bonds, etc.).Balanced management is used especially in wealth management strategies, giving clients access to a broad range of investment opportunities based on a proposed asset allocation with a pre-determined risk/reward objective.

For professional and institutional clients, our balanced management teams can structure asset allocation portfolios to match their risk profile and constraints, whilst taking market conditions into account. We have designed new asset allocation methods integrating dynamic risk management, leveraging our management and research capabilities.

We also offer a full range of services and advice, including recommendations on strategic allocation, portfolio construction, implementation and reporting. 

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Passive management: high-quality product range and competitive prices

Our range of index funds and ETFs targets investors seeking pure exposure at attractive prices.

Indexed management

Indexed management

This product range benefits from the cost-efficiency that comes with having a centralised trading platform and provides exposure to a broad range of the leading global indices with highly competitive transaction costs.

ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds)


Managed using a proven replication method, our range of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) comprises innovative, high-quality funds, which boast a competitive cost structure. With more than €18 billion in assets under management, Amundi ranks among the Top 5 in Europe in this field*.

*Source: Amundi ETF / Bloomberg as at 27/02/2015

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Specialist solutions at the service of Amundi's partners

Employee savings and retirement
Real estate and alternative assets / Photo credit: Steffen Jagenburg
Insurance / Photo Credit: Steffen Jagenburg

Employee savings and retirement

A leader in employee savings solutions, Amundi makes a long-term commitment to its clients – businesses and employees alike – offering them innovative savings solutions and services, including customised interactive support. Through our long-standing experience in benefits planning, we have achieved international recognition and are the leading Group in France in employee savings and employee shareholder schemes*.

* Source AFG - data as at 31 december 2013



Real estate and alternative assets

For investors with a long-term objective, our solutions provide easy access to the private equity and debt markets, and specific expertise in real estate. These solutions are based on an investment process which provides flexibility in terms of allocation and selection of underlying assets to meet defined risk/reward objectives.

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As the partner of choice for insurance companies, we offer flexible investment solutions designed to meet their liability, accounting and regulatory constraints, as well as reports compliant with Solvency II requirements. More than 25 years' experience supporting insurance companies in France and abroad has allowed us to refine our expertise.



This material is communicated solely for information purposes and neither constitutes an offer to buy nor a solicitation to sell a product. Any investment involves risks. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.