Our Human Resources policy

Placing individual and collective development at the heart of our responsibilities as an employer


A word from Human Resources

A word from Human Resources- Isabelle Senéterre / Photo credit: Alexandre Guirkinger

“With around 60% of its workforce in France, Amundi stands up for its European culture and roots. This foundation still defines part of our identity today. At the same time, we are resolutely international with entities established in Asia and America.

A lasting relationship with our clients implies a long-term vision, which means that we have to invest in the company's workforce. This is one of the keys to our commitment as an employer: to foster talent in-house by providing training programmes to enable every employee to realise his or her full potential in an equal opportunity environment.

The men and women of Amundi form a community, sharing a culture of expertise and focusing on growing to serve our clients.”

Isabelle Senéterre, Head of Human Resources, Amundi

Our Human Resources policy

With close to 4,000 employees worldwide, Amundi places individual and collective development at the heart of its responsibilities as an employer. Combining equal opportunities and performance, our Human Resources policy focuses on 5 main areas:

  • Supporting the company's talents by encouraging skills development and internal mobility,
  • Encouraging the personal and professional development of employees through training programmes and by sharing skills and experience,
  • Maintaining a responsible social environment while highlighting individual performance,
  • Encouraging diversity in all its forms (disabled people, seniors, young people, gender equality) to enrich the company and ensure equal opportunities,
  • Acting as a socially responsible financial player by supporting employees' commitments.

Our identity card

  • More than 3 800 employees of which 2 118 in France
    905 internationallyand 794 in the joint-ventures,
  • In 2014, 251 people were hired, of which 150 internationally,
  • 250 employees changed position,
  • 54% men and 46% women,
  • 93% managers in France,
  • Average age: 42,
  • Average length of service: 12.3 years,
  • 50 nationalities speaking 18 different languages.
Amundi - Human Resources figures

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