Amundi Services: the third business Division of Amundi

Tuesday 04 October 2016


Amundi Services
Front office position-keeping and repository management, controlling adherence to investment rules and calculation of portfolio risk indicators, order execution, processing and reporting – investors can now procure all these services from Amundi, independently of portfolio management services.  

Since its creation, Amundi has succeeded in developing a fully integrated operational platform, based on proprietary tools and run by a team unrivalled in the market. This unique IT platform is already used by around thirty internal and third-party asset managers, and it can rapidly integrate and service other companies. 

With a STP rate of 98% for operations, it is interconnected with more than 40 dealers worldwide and currently manages 6,000 portfolios of all types, drawing on in-house management tools. Furthermore, with €1,000bn in assets under management1, the platform enjoys a strong position in terms of negotiation and execution of market orders, providing unparalleled pricing terms.

Amundi is offering these capabilities providing access to its platform to two types of client:

  • medium-sized management companies and institutional investors wishing to manage their investments with increased accuracy; 
  • and respond efficiently to the growing regulatory challenges in their environment.

This new business is expected to account for up to 5% of Amundi’s NBI within the next five years.

 1. Source Amundi - June 2016