Attempted fraud alert

Tuesday 05 December 2017




Investors and prospects are often targeted by fraud attempts, especially online.
These attempts can take several forms: investment proposals, emails including attachments and/or malicious links or even requests for confidential information such as access codes or account number so as to obtain money.



Amundi has recently identified several types of fraudulent emails.

These emails, featuring the elements of Amundi’s graphic charter (logo, postal address), are addressed to third parties and generally sent from these email addresses:


Amundi informs you that this is a fraud using misleading and totally unfounded information.


Amundi recommends not responding to this type of solicitation. If you receive this type of information or solicitation, please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page under the heading Contact Us  

We also recommend you to get in contact with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and report your case to them:  Contact the FCA

As a reminder:

  • Amundi will never ask you for confidential information (access code, credit card number, bank account balance, etc.), whether by post or by email;
  • Never click on a link and never open an attachment in a suspicious mail.