Vigeo-Eiris ESG Sector Report 2018

Tuesday 18 September 2018


On the 13rd of September, Vigeo-Eris published a new edition of the ESG Sector Report, dedicated to Financial Services.

Noted 66/100 in May 2016, Amundi sees its notation improved up to 68/100, an excellent score, compared to the average level of the sector at 28.6/100.

With the best notation, Amundi is now the Top Performer of its sector, based on an evaluation of different criteria such as:

  • Company ESG performances
  • Domain Performances (Corporate Governance, Business behavior, HR etc.)
  • Risk mitigation (Operational Efficiency, Legal security etc.)
ESG Report 2018 - Vigeo-Eiris

More generally, the report shows a slight increase in the sector's overall performance since the previous analysis.

Download the Report and learn more about Vigeo-Eiris