Corporate Knights: Amundi awarded once again

Friday 08 February 2019


Following the Davos Economic Forum, on January 22, Corporate Knights, Canadian media, specialized in responsible finance information, positioned Amundi as the 31st in their ranking of the 100 Most sustainable companies in the world.



This is the second consecutive time Amundi is selected in this ranking.

The ranking is based on an analysis of 7,500 listed companies from all over the world with revenue of one billion dollars or more. It compares companies’ ability to reconcile social responsibility with financial performance. 

The methodology is based on 21 key indicators, including:


  • The reduction of carbon emissions and waste
  • The amount of taxes paid
  • The percentage of women in management
  • Employee turnover
  • The revenue generated by the environmental offer


Pioneer in the field of responsible investment, Amundi now aims to integrate ESG criteria into all its management and voting policies. Amundi's responsibility also includes applying the principles of sustainable development to its own operations. 

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