Ambition 2021

Monday 08 October 2018


Amundi announces today the launch of its 2021 Action Plan, with the aim of strengthening its engagement in responsible investment based on 4 main lines of action for 2021:

1. 100% ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issuer rating, investment management and voting policy at general meetings:

  • Extra-financial analysis based on ESG criteria will be extended to all the investment strategies,both active and passive, wherever technically feasible,
  • ESG performance will systematically be taken into account by Amundi in its shareholder dialogue with issuers and in its voting decisions at general meetings, which are already based on a stand-alone analysis,
Ambition 2021: strengthen responsible investment

2. Strengthening of advisory activities for institutional clients to support them in their ESG strategies and in implementing innovative initiatives,

3. The ambition to double the amounts invested in initiatives related to the environment and with a high social impact, by increasing the volume of thematic funds to €20bn,

4. A stronger commitment to social businesses, by increasing the amounts invested in the social and solidarity economy from €200m to €500m.

Right from its inception, Amundi considered responsible investment as one of its four founding pillars. This choice was based on two convictions: the necessary responsibility of companies and investors towards society, and the fact that building responsible investment into investment policies is also a guarantee of financial performance when taking a long-term view. With its three-year plan, Amundi is strengthening its engagement and meeting the expectations of its retail and institutional clients.

comments Amundi CEO Yves Perrier

Well aware since its creation of its responsibility towards society, Amundi already boasts €280bn in responsible investment assets under management. 19% of the Group’s total assets1 already take ESG criteria into account, in addition to traditional financial analysis criteria.

Furthermore, for several years now, our many actions have illustrated this long-term engagement, more particularly:

  • the rating of 5,500 issuers according to ESG criteria and based on Amundi’s proprietary, AFNOR-certified methodology
  • several partnerships such as those formed with EDF or the World Bank for the creation of dedicated funds leading to targeted investments, notably in climate change and the energy transition


1. Figures Amundi scope at 30 June 2018