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Discover our new logo

Published 1 July, 2024

Discover our new logo

Published 1 July, 2024

From asset manager to investment solutions provider
We are pleased to announce that from 1st July, our logo has been modified. The objective of this change is to better reflect our business activities, strengthen our brand awareness and support our development today and for the future.

A single logo designed to be meaningful

Our brand needs to be meaningful. One of the challenges of our brand was the business descriptor (Asset Management under the Amundi name) which was not always clearly understood by individual investors.

In addition, our business has grown to include a wide range of services and technology around its core business of investment management, which was not reflected by the asset management component of the brand.

from Amundi Asset Management to Amundi Investmetn Solutions

Amundi, the trusted partner

This logo change is an evolution, not a revolution. We are keeping the same colors and overall look of the logo.

A fundamental part of our branding since the creation of Amundi, the line remains: it symbolizes the link between our clients and ourselves and our long-term relationship based on trust.

To complete our logo, our signature Trust must be earned has been moved closer to the brand name - just below the line. Our goal is for clients and prospects to identify us as their trusted partner.

Amundi Instement Solutions - Trust must be earned

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