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Why join us?

Our commitments

Our commitments

Joining Amundi means joining a company that:

  • Acts as a responsible financial player: a founding principle of Amundi and a central focus of its development strategy.
  • Places individual and collective development at the heart of its responsibility as an employer.
  • Acts as a responsible, inclusive corporate citizen, respectful of the environment: Amundi’s responsibility also consists in applying the principles of sustainable development to its own operations.

Who we are

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Why choose Amundi?

What we offer:

  • A committed company and a pioneer in the field of responsible investment. Since its creation in 2010, Amundi has implemented a policy aimed at building environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into its investment processes. With close to €850 billion in Responsible Investment assets, Amundi is now one of the leading responsible investment companies.
  • An international environment, with a presence in more than 35 companies, and the possibility of working company- and country-wide.
  • Functional and geographical mobility that creates value for you and for Amundi. We are convinced that mobility is the best way to retain, nurture and develop talent.
  • An industry that is evolving at high speed, under the combined effect of the emergence of new players, an unstable economic environment and new regulatory obligations.
  • A recognised level of expertise in portfolio management, financial and economic analysis, research (Amundi Institute), ESG business lines (management, analysis, sales), marketing and sales functions and support functions, particularly in technology with the creation of Amundi Technology.

Meet an ESG Analyst

It’s a job that’s got meaning, that’s concrete, it deals directly with social issues

Lorna Lucet
ESG Analyst
17 May, 2024
2023 - CSR Report - Amundi
28 November, 2023
Global Responsible Investment Policy - Amundi

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