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General Meeting 2023: Vote Results

Published 15 May, 2023

General Meeting 2023: Vote Results

Published 15 May, 2023

Annual General Meeting and dividend

Amundi’s Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 12 May 2023.

With a quorum of 90.90%, the Meeting approved all the resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors, with an average approval rate of 97.95%. The detailed results of the votes of the Annual General Meeting are available on General Meetings' page.

As announced on 8 February 2023, Amundi’s financial strength allows it to pursue its dividend policy and to propose a cash dividend of €4.10 per share, unchanged from the dividend paid in respect of the fiscal year 2021. This dividend corresponds to a payout ratio of 75% of net income Group share[1], and a yield of 6.8%[2].

The ex-dividend date is set at 22 May 2023 and the dividend will be paid on 24 May 2023.


“Say on Climate”: progress report at the end of 2022

At its 2022 Annual General Meeting, Amundi submitted its climate strategy to the shareholders’ advisory vote, a resolution which received 97.7% of votes in favour.

In line with best practice of reporting progress on an annual basis concerning the climate strategy implementation, Amundi presented an ex-post "Say on Climate" resolution at today's Annual General Meeting, detailing progress made during the 2022 financial year. This resolution was voted by 98.26% of shareholders.

All commitments are on track for completion by 2025.

The table detailing the progress made for each item is provided from page 28 to 30 in the Notice of Meeting document, available on General Meetings' page.


[1] The dividend payout ratio is calculated on the basis of adjusted net income attributable to equity holders of the parent (€1,074m), excluding Lyxor integration costs (-€46m after tax)

[2] Compared with 11 May 2023 closing price

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