Corporate - News - Inauguration du parc éolien du Bois des Saulx

Inauguration of the Bois des Saulx wind farm

Published 23 May, 2024

Inauguration of the Bois des Saulx wind farm

Published 23 May, 2024

Corporate - News - Inauguration du parc éolien du Bois des Saulx

Amundi Energy Transition and Opale Énergies Engagées (Opale) inaugurated on 16 May the Bois de Saulx wind farm north of Dijon..

This wind farm, in which Amundi Energy Transition holds an 80% stake, was made possible thanks to the partnership signed between Amundi and Opale in 2020. Opale, which is also a shareholder in the wind farm, managed the construction of the turbines and is now in charge of their operation.

Now commissioned, the wind farm comprises six turbines with a total capacity of 18 MW, producing low-carbon electricity equivalent to the consumption of around 18,000 people and avoiding the emission of 22,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

For Amundi Energy Transition, Amundi’s subsidiary dedicated to direct equity investment in the unlisted European infrastructure sector, this partnership ties in fully with its “Buy & Build” Core/Core+ investment strategy.

In line with Crédit Agricole’s Societal Project, Amundi Energy Transition invests in assets and companies in the energy transition and decarbonisation sectors, such as renewable energy production infrastructures (wind, solar, hydro, biogas, etc.), energy distribution and efficiency infrastructures (heating networks, cogeneration, storage and frequency regulation, etc.), and infrastructures linked to energy consumption (electric mobility, energy renovation, smart meters).

Lelia Raynard, Managing Director at Amundi Energy Transition says

The commissioning of this wind farm reflects Amundi Energy Transition’s commitment to invest alongside French and international industrial companies in order to decarbonise the economy.

Arnaud Grand, founding partner of Opale Énergies Engagées explains

Global warming is accelerating and France is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. Alongside energy efficiency and sobriety measures, the production of low-carbon electricity must increase, enabling the electrification of uses in all areas (industry, transport, buildings, etc.).
Renewable energies, which can be mobilised quickly, have a major role to play in this ambition. Wind power in particular is a remarkably virtuous form of energy, and its production often coincides with periods of high energy demand.

 Crédits photos : Aurélie Pétri

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