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Integrated Report

April 2023 – Amundi published its 2022 Integrated Report: a strategic and forward-looking publication combining our analysis of the issues, our objectives and our financial and non-financial performance.

Succeed together in challenging times

19 April, 2023
2022 - Integrated Report - Amundi

Anticipate challenges to shape the future of savings

Corporate - Rapport Intégré - Vincent Mortier

The priority for investors will be to hedge against inflation while seeking value across a wide range of asset classes, with a focus on real returns and energy transition opportunities.

Vincent Mortier, Chief Investment Officer

Our business is influenced by five macro-trends:

  1. Facing uncertain economic growth
  2. Addressing the environmental emergency
  3. Supporting the transformation of digital uses
  4. Attracting and retaining employees
  5. Complying with increased regulatory and transparency requirements


Placing technology at the centre of their value proposition and harnessing data from multiple sources at every stage of the investment value chain, asset managers will dramatically improve the client experience and thus gain a competitive edge.

Guillaume Lesage, Chief Operating Officer

Corporate - Rapport Intégré - Guillaume Lesage

Leverage the industry’s strong growth potential

By leveraging its diversified and resilient business model along with its broad range of  investment solutions and technology services, Amundi’s strategic plan for 2025 aims to capture the strong organic growth potential resulting from the changes underway in the investment and savings industry. The plan also considers the possibility of acquisitions to accelerate our development, thereby continuing to create value for all our stakeholders.

Corporate - Rapport Intégré - Valérie Baudson

We will strengthen our organic growth worldwide thanks to our diversified asset management expertise, and to our emerging technology and services capabilities.

Valérie Baudson, Chief Executive Officer

Our strategic priorities

  1. STRENGTHEN our leadership in asset management.
  2. LEAD THE WAY in responsible investment.
  3. BECOME a first-class provider of technology and services across the entire savings.
  4. PURSUE value-creative M&A.

Our strengths

Integrated Report Assets Strategy

Our objectives for 2025

  • €400bn: assets under management with third-party distributors
  • 50%: growth in our passive assets
  • €500bn : assets under management in Asia
  • €150m: revenue generated by Amundi Technology
  • €600bn: assets distributed through Fund Channel

Favour a just environmental transition

Presented in December 2021, the “ESG Ambitions 2025” societal plan aims to expand our commitment to a just environmental transition. The plan is in line with the Crédit Agricole Group’s collective commitment and has a threefold objective: to increase the level of ambition of our savings solutions, services and technological tools; to step up our dialogue with the companies in which we invest in order to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon model; and to act ourselves, in our own activities, by ensuring that our employees and shareholders are aligned with our new ambitions. The year 2022 has already seen significant progress.


Accompany changes in the workplace

Supporting the individual and collective development of its employees, for the benefit of the company’s performance, is central to Amundi’s Human Resources policy.

More than ever, companies must demonstrate that collective enterprise can meet the individual needs and aspirations of their employees.

Isabelle Senéterre, Head of Human Resources

Corporate - Rapport Intégré - Isabelle Seneterre

Our priorities

  • To continue and further enhance training to develop managerial talent.
  • Step up the work already underway to attract and retain talent.

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