Developing responsible finance

A well-structured analysis combined with an engagement policy

Proactive ESG integration

We became a signatory of the  UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)  when they were created in 2006. The PRI recommend that financial players build environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into their analysis processes and investment decisions.

At Amundi, the implementation of these principles notably includes:

A distribution interface for ESG ratings, available to all the fund managers

Issuers' extra-financial ratings (both companies and countries) are circulated in real time to all our management teams and financial analysts. At any time, fund managers can consult the financial and extra-financial ratings of the stocks in their portfolios and benchmark indexes.

Exclusion of the most controversial issuers

Amundi applies strict rules for integrating ESG criteria across its active management activities (excluding index-linked UCITS and ETFs, which are constrained by their benchmark indexes):

  • no direct investments in companies involved in the production or sale of anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs, prohibited by the Ottawa and Oslo conventions
  • exclusion of companies involved in the production or sale of chemical, biological and depleted uranium weapons
  • exclusion of companies that violate, repeatedly and seriously, one or more of the ten principles of the Global Compact
  • exclusion of countries that systematically and willfully violate human rights and make themselves guilty of the worst crimes: war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • exclusion of companies whose coal extraction activity exceeds 30% of their turnover or, after a qualitative and prospective analysis, companies producing 100 million tons and more of coal per year
  • exclusion of tobacco companies from all open SRI funds


Solutions for all types of clients

Amundi’s expertise and size allow us to implement a wide range of responsible investment strategies as well as tailor-made ESG solutions adapted to your needs:

  • in all asset classes (including index management) and all geographic areas
  • according to specific customer’s reference values
  • With the possibility to implement a dedicated engagement and voting policy


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