Proxy voting policy

The exercise of voting rights and shareholder dialogue are essential elements of our fiduciary responsibility and our role as a responsible investor.

From 1996 onwards, Amundi established its own voting policy updated yearly in order to incorporate the best practices in corporate governance but also, since 2003, in social and environmental responsibility. Amundi decided to exercise the voting rights for a very large majority of its funds under French and Luxembourg law in order to fulfill its responsibility as a shareholder. 
Early in its commitment toward responsible investment, Amundi also implemented a shareholder dialogue process based on an alert system informing companies of the SBF120 index and a group of large European issuers of potential negative votes at their general meetings. 
Voting and dialogue allow us to actively participate in the improvement of the practices of companies in which we invest.

Enforcement of ESMA guidelines

The "guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS issues", published by the ESMA on December 18th 2013, came into force on February 18th 2013.

You'll find below the policy that applies to funds subject to these guidelines in terms of financial guarantees.

Article 173 of France’s Law on Energy Transition