Corporate - News - Resultats 2023 T2 - Carré
Financial Communication 28.07.2023
2023 1st half and 2nd quarter results

A high level of net income and positive inflows

Corporate - News - Vote et Engagement
Support for an accelerated and just transition to a low carbon economy

Amundi pledges support for an accelerated and just transition to a low carbon economy through its voting and engagement policy

Corporate - News - Appointment
New Appointments

Amundi announces the following appointments: Céline Boyer-Chammard is appointed Head of Sustainable Transformation and Organization. She is a member of the General Management Committee. Olivier Mariée, Chief Executive Officer of CPR AM, is appointed Head of JVs supervision. He is a member of the General Management Committee.

Corporate - General Meeting - 2023
General Meeting 2023: Vote Results

Vote of all resolutions with an average approval rate of 97.9%

Corporate - 2023 - Q1 Results
Q1 2023 Results

For the 1st quarter 2023, Amundi published an adjusted net income almost stable compared to the 4th quarter 2022 despite an uncertain environment. Its activity was particularly dynamic in its Retail segment, while it reached several major milestones of its “Ambitions 2025” plan.

500x500 2022 Integraed Report
Our 2022 Integrated Report is available!

Identity card, challenges, strategy, business model, performance indicators… to find out in this new edition.

Corporate - News - Appointment
Appointment of Benjamin Lucas

Benjamin Lucas appointed Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Technology

Corporate - News - Amundi Governance
Change to Amundi’s corporate governance

Philippe Brassac, who joined the Board of Directors in October 2022, will replace Yves Perrier as Chairman following the Annual General Meeting of May 12

Corporate - News - Us tech bank
US Tech Banks

Amundi’s total exposure to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank assets was already negligible before SVB’s collapse : 0.003 % of its global assets under management as of the 8th of March


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